Among the difficulties faced by application developers and IT articles writers in the Arabic language is to find technical terms and or synonyms.

In this context, the Arabeyes team Arabeyes created and followed up the Technical and IT dictionary to collect and translate terms.

The team group presents this dictionary as below:

The technical dictionary aims to translate and standardize the technical terms used in translating computer programs to provide an understandable and harmonious interface for the Arabic user.

The dictionary aims as much as possible to preserve common terms and keep them as long as they are correct. If there are many Arabic terms, we try to choose the best of them as possible. To reduce distraction and standardize the term.

We invite everyone to participate, regardless of language or technical level. All comments are very important as we translate mainly for non-technical users.

The dictionary localizes technical words in English into the Arabic language. Thus, it will be a reference for everyone who wants to write or translate a technical article, as well as the development and localization of programs in the Arabic language.

The dictionary is available in pdf, csv, po and dict formats and you can download it from the download page.

  • Download the dictionary here
  • The dictionary page on the Arabeyes website here.
  • The Arabeyes website, click here.

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